NEW! Nippon Paper customers in Australia asked to stop buying NP products until it stops native forest woodchipping. more

Nippon Paper Group: Please stop using woodchips from native forest



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   Australian Forests & Climate Alliance (AFCA) letter to all Nippon Paper Directors. Read it in Japanese.
Complaint under FSC Policies of Association more

On August 22 2011, Nippon's Reflex brand lost its FSC certification more
 Nippon Paper failed! In mid 2011, Nippon Paper complained to the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO)Geneva about this website and tried to take the domain name. It failed. more    
    Nippon Paper in Australia

NIPPON PAPER owns South East Fibre Exports, the Eden woodchip mill which chips a million tonnes of native forest every year in NSW and Victoria, some of it KOALA habitat. Woodchipping in South East NSW could push the koala to regional extinction. For more information see:    

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NIPPON PAPER is one of the world's biggest paper companies, and is also Australia's biggest and most notorious woodchipper. While other Japanese paper companies are working hard to improve their environmental performance, NIPPON still has its head stuck firmly in the sand.

NIPPON PAPER was forced to scrap plans for Australia's first power station fueled by native forest wood because subsidies were not enough. It also closed its wood pellet plant at the Eden woodchip mill. This "waste" wood is only available because 1 million tonnes of trees from the region's forests are chipped  each year. more

Don't buy REFLEX Paper. NIPPON PAPER owns the Maryvale paper  mill, which manufactures Reflex brand paper.  Sign the Ethical Paper pledge  or Ethical Paper Petition